Wallace Wells (Zero)


Federal Agent

Age: 19
Race: Xenomix
Gender: Male
Height: 6’5"
Weight: 250 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Lavender
Coloring: Silvery Gray skin, no Nazzadi Markings
Dist. Features:
Birthday: January 29, 2066
Place of Birth: San Diego, Ca
Defining Characteristics: Self Confident, Vengeful
Allegiance: OIS/ Dark Secrets
Team: Cerberus
Rank: 1st Lieutenant/ Captain

Agi: 6
Int: 7
Per: 6
Pre: 5
Str: 5
Ten: 8

Secondary Attributes:
Action: 1
Movement: 9 mph(22/5 ypt)
Orgone: 14
Reflex: 9
Vitality: 11

Authority (3)
Wealth (2)
Latent Para-psychic (4)
Erupted Para-Psychic (2)
Alluring (1*)

Shadow Walker (-3)
Duty (-2)
Call of the Void (-4)
Oath (-1)
Misfit (-1*)

Special Qualities:
Low-Light Vision

Damage Bonus for Physical Attack:

General Skills:
Computers – 1
Hobby: Antiquities – 1
Language: English – 2
Language: Nazzadi – 2
Law Enforcement – 2
Literacy – 2
Observation – 3
Occult – 1
Persuade – 2
Regional Knowledge: San Jose, CA – 2
Parapsychology – 1
Security – 2
Streetwise – 2
Stealth – 1
Surveillance – 2
Trivia – 2

Combat Skills:
Armed Fighting – 2
Dodge – 2
Fighting – 1

Para-psychic Powers:
First Order:

Point – 1
Disorders -

Earned – 50
Spent – 15

CS-44 “Enforcer” with Laser Sights, CS-40 Defender with Laser Sights, Combat Knife-Composite, SentryTech MK V Heavy Concealable with Trauma Plate, Pepper Spray, PCPU Wireless with Bioscanner, AR Eyeglass Monitor Display, Wireless Communication Earpiece, Concealable Holster, Belt Holster, Very Expensive and Cool Clothing, Military Uniform

On Missions( plus above mentioned)
M-6 Pistol Grip Shotgun, Spectra Shield Combat( Replaces SentryTech Armor), Laser Range Finder, Medkit with Bioscanner, AHP Instant Painkiller (6), Digital Video Recorder, Binoculars – Built in Directional Compass, L7A2 Fragmentation Grenade (2), FFB-1 Incendiary Grenade (1), SG-11 Saren Gas Grendae (1), VT42 Flash Grenade (2), Gas Mask, SM-14 Hvy SMG

In Armory for Missions
RG-21 Rail Sniper Rifle with High Power UV Scope (24×40)

Personal Vehicles
Tetra GTSi
The Matsumi Motors Tetra is a sleek and aerodynamic twoseater
sports car that redefines the industry standard for high
performance. The Tetra features twin rear mounted high output
A-Pod thrusters and a sport universal chassis control system,
providing the ultimate in smooth handling and mind-blowing
acceleration. With its smooth profile, twin lift doors, and convertible
hardtop design, the Tetra is ideal for those people who
desire the ultimate in driving experiences.

Type: Sports Car (1 AP)
Manufacturer: Matsumi
Size: Small (12 ft.)
Passengers: 2
Cargo: 9.7 cubic feet/197 lbs.
Cost: 53,000Tn
Control Response (Agility) +1
Sensors (Perception) -1
Frame (Strength) 2
Multi-Task Systems (Actions) -1
Warning Systems (Reflex) 0
Ground Speed: 180 mph (444/108 ypt)
Acceleration Code: A (1/1)
Integrity 2

Akira ZX
The Akira ZX is considered by many to be the fastest thing on
two wheels. Its sleek low rider unibody design gives the bike a
sense of motion, even when standing still. Both wheels revolve
around a spherical hub with the front wheel being significantly
smaller than the rear. This, combined with a state of the art dual
steering system, allows the Akira ZX to elegantly float its front
wheel out of a high-speed corner. Its low, laid back pilot position
allows for clear visibility of built in side mirrors and console
display controls. A small, yet high torque, electric motor and
D-Cell assembly mounts below and behind the driver in a sealed
compartment. Once you’ve pulled the trigger on an Akira ZX,
you’d best hang on.

Type: Motorcycle (Sport) (1 AP)
Manufacturer: Matsumi
Size: Tiny (9 ft.)
Passengers: 1
Cargo: 1.6 cubic feet/32 lbs.
Cost: 8400Tn
Control Response (Agility) +2
Sensors (Perception) 0
Frame (Strength) 1
Multi-Task Systems (Actions) -1
Warning Systems (Reflex) +1
Ground Speed: 180 mph (444/108 ypt)
Acceleration Code: A (1/1)
Integrity 0.5

The Pioneer is designed to challenge almost any ground terrain.
Sixteen inches of clearance allows this rugged vehicle to overcome
most obstacles. Its four large wheels are easily powered
by the Siemens GM2200 high torque electric motor. The large
enclosed D-Cell storage rack in the rear guarantees plenty of
on-road and off-road time. Both middle and rear rows of seats
can be folded down for extra storage room. A rugged composite
polymer body built over a hardened aluminum frame guarantees
that the Pioneer will take any beating that nature could give it.
Of course, the Pioneer’s interior comes equipped with all the
comforts of a stylish ride.

Type: Sport Utility Vehicle (0.1 AP)
Manufacturer: EuroWagon
Size: Small (18 ft.)
Passengers: 7
Cargo: 105 cubic feet/2112 lbs.
Cost: 28,000Tn
Control Response (Agility) -1
Sensors (Perception) -1
Frame (Strength) 2
Multi-Task Systems (Actions) -1
Warning Systems (Reflex) -1
Ground Speed: 90 mph (222/54 ypt)
Acceleration Code: C (2/2)
Integrity 2
Armor 1/0


Wallace Wells (Zero)

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