Ellias Johansen (Sleeper)

Quirky, absent minded, Psyhic detective


Ellias Johansen Human
Agility6 Intellect 8
Perception 5
Presence 4
Strength 5
Tenacity 9
Occult xxx (specialty general occult)
Dodge xx
Observation xx
Marksmen x
Pilot x
Trivia xx
Research xxx (Libraries)
Arcanotechnician x
Melee Weapons xx
Educated xxx
Language xxxx
Regional Knowledge xx (Aloquiora Valley, New York)
Literacy xxx
Munitions xxx
Physical Science x
Computers xx
Assets Drawbacks
Latent Para-psychic
Luck XX
Draw Backs
Delusions (2)
Truly Honest(1)
Habit (4 Addicted to Insomnia-tic Hallucinations)
Manic (2)
Actions: 1 Movement: 11 mph, Sprint 27 yards, Normal 6 yards
Orgone: 13 Reflexs: 5 Vitality: 12 Hp: 60
Sanity: -2 (Mood disorder: Manic Depression)
Ward of solitude
Consecrate Arcane Circle
Craft Yog-Shogoth Polip (spell)
Perceive Etheric Resonance
Psyhic ability


In far future of New York you really dont have that much that has changed. You have Assholes, Sycophants, Fags, Theater, Monsters (is that really something new?), and weirdos. Ellias Johansen falls into the weirdo category. Softly muttering to himself about a Super murder ball tournament that went on 6 or sometimes even 60 years ago. Feeling random people and places.
Ellias grew up in the northern west side of the city, pretty normal child hood. Parents Elice and Jack Johansen (both highly respected in their fields one a Psycho-analyst and the other a ….. CLASSIFIED…) Life was good for young Ellias. In his 8th year him and his parents went on a trip to the last refuge of vacation…. FILE DELETED BY USER SPEAK TO ADMINISTRATION FOR EXACT DETAILS… After the tragic lost of his parents was when young Ellias started having his delusions and his trouble sleeping in care of his Uncle. Within five years a now teenaged and extremely troubled Ellias (who was only getting worse) coupled with the exhaustion of his parents estate by his addict uncle. Times became even tougher for Ellias.

Ellias Johansen (Sleeper)

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