Abraham Kamoue (Silent Night)



Age: 28
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6’
Weight: 200 lbs.
Hair: Black, (Shaved Bald)
Eyes: Black
Coloring: Black
Dist. Features:
Birthday: January 21, 2057
Place of Birth: Nairobi, Kenya
Defining Characteristics:
Allegiance: NEG
Team: Cerberus
Agi: 8
Int: 5
Per: 8
Pre: 2
Str: 6
Ten: 8
Secondary Attributes:
Actions: 2
Movement: 15 mph (37/ 9 ypt)
Reflex: 8
Orgone: 11
Vitality: 14
Fast (2)
High Pain Threshold (3)

Prejudice (Politicians) (2)
Truly Honest (2)
Impaired Sight (2)
Duty Military (2)

Special Qualities:

General Skills:
Armorer – 1
Athletics – 1
Demolitions – 3
Education – 5
Language: English – 4
Literacy – 3
Observation – 2
Regional Knowledge: Kenya/ UCLA – 2
Science: Physical – 2
Stealth – 2
Survival – 1

Combat Skills:
Armed Fighting – 1
Dodge – 3
Marksman – 3

Demolitions: Buildings
Education: Chemistry
Marksman: Assault Rifle
Science: Physics

Points –
Disorders -

CS-44 “Enforcer”, Combat Knife-Composite, PCPU with Holo display, SentryTech MK V Heavy Concealable with Trauma Plate, Belt Holster, Ordinary Clothing, Military Uniform, AR Eyeglasses with Monitor Display,

On Missions
Medkit with Bioscanner, AHP Instant Painkiller (3), Claymore II (2), L7A2 Fragmentation Grenade (2), UT-40 Smoke Grenade, HKS-192 Hvy Assault Rifle, Chemical Sensor(PCPU), Gas Mask

Personal Vehicle

The Gemini is a classic example of a standard four-door sedan
and is typical of vehicles produced by the Detroit-based Tri-Motors
Corporation. As is standard with most passenger cars, the
Gemini’s thrust is provided by a single rear mounted A-Pod unit
supported by a D-Cell power plant – primary storage space for
luggage, tool kits, or emergency equipment is located under the
front hood. Though equipped with all the standard features to
suit the average family, the Gemini is also available in a twodoor
Sport GT model for those looking to drive something a
little sexier.
Type: Passenger Car (0.1 AP)
Manufacturer: Tri Motors
Size: Small (15 ft.)
Passengers: 4
Cargo: 15.8 cubic feet/322 lbs.
Cost: 21,000Tn
Control Response (Agility) -1
Sensors (Perception) -1
Frame (Strength) 1
Multi-Task Systems (Actions) -1
Warning Systems (Reflex) -2
Ground Speed: 90 mph (222/54)
Acceleration Code: C (2/2)
Integrity 2


The 1st of 5 children Abraham was pressured into excelling at school rather building up his social skills as a young child. When he got to college Abe started to actualy enjoy learning and decided to remain there indefinatly. 2 months after he got his PHD in aplied chemistry his 2 younger brothers were reported KIA when there unit was wiped out by the Migou. After this event Abe joined the military but managed to work it so that he could remain close to the universtity and continue geting his education as he worked on his second PHD in applied physics. Becouse of his Chemisty and physics back ground he was trained by the military to be a demolitions specialist.

Abraham Kamoue (Silent Night)

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