Waking Nightmares

Game 7

Devil's due

April 7-April 10 2085
Report from Major Dodi Ravenwood regarding team Cerberus

The team adjusted to their new roles well. I would like to apologize for Warrant Officer Johansen being unable to meet for the prestigious honor. He was greatly wounded and had to recover. It was an honor meeting with you and the Neg head commander. We wont let you down. First lieutenant Wells will be busy getting his powers toned.


April 8 Dodi’s personal log

Goddammit Ellias! How could you do this to me! To my career? I hated having to pull my UT-9 on him like that. But the test for the modified rounds was an 75% success in mortality so I felt confident. We all went out to celebrate, and Ellias did owe me. I feel the inhibitors are shorting out. I need to keep professional about this. Why cant I keep them under control so I don’t have to lie, and why cant I get him out of my head? Getting Wallace groomed to be a psychic I have chosen a real hard ass, Marks old partner to help him. Hope he survives as she was hard on the poor last two students. Which reminds me I need to get the paperwork to identify the dental records of them! What great things we will do now that the NEG has seen their potential.



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