Waking Nightmares

Game 6

when the going gets tough......

April 1-April 7 2085
Report from Major Dodi Ravenwood regarding team Cerberus

Radio silence has been common place throughout this whole mission. Personal note is that I have hoped but trust the men to do well. They are flying more blind than usual this time. Red has gotten plenty of transmissions through and has mentioned a Gaunt, a M class threat. However there has to be more as my team can take out C classes with their weapons and talent at their disposal. There has to be more to it, but what. The team has emerged from the Winchester House 16:00 hrs April 1st. Warrant Officer Zero Informed me that there was an N class threat here on our soil. I called to you for the strike force needed to take care of it, and the NEG thanks you for it Sir. The teams report mentions they were lured into a trap set by a computer security program. They hacked it and were able to control the rooms, leading to the Gaunt’s death in the reactor room and the escape of the team. It should also be noted the gaunt was moved up to M class due to his above average abilities Fugits body has been recovered and the team tells me they know of a way to insure the dead mans will is to work with the NEG. There is however sir a complication I will make short work of. I have also spent more than my part of the budget to do so, but would like there to be another transaction with Dr.Xandon. I insure you that this will soon lead to Fugit being able to help us. Though he is dead the doctor tells me this can work. I’ll report when I know more.

Team Effecency Rating: 20

April 2 2085
Dodi Ravenwoods personal Journal

God help me I lied to my CO to protect the team! The team has been both a blessing and a curse. Their efforts have been enough to take down things they by all rights shouldn’t be able to do. I have brought Ellias into the fold to help me with them but they fit so well that they don’t need it. They did however today bring to my door step both the biggest threat to our government from the inside, and the greatest weapon. An actual self aware AI. This being has called himself Caine. Originally created to destroy and take over the security system in the Winchester House, open one of Fugets monsters loose in his house, and kill him over 10 years of some cat-and-mouse game. Now with that and almost untold knowledge we are to accept this being as a man, and as a man of good intent? What are they thinking. At least with a flesh and bone body he can be killed with a bullet. I have gone out of my way and asked my CO to sanction more work with that horrible doctor. To create a body, no two that this cane and a copy of him can be made flesh and blood? My Inhibitors have broken down and I do not know why. Whats going on with me? I would never make such a foolish decision before. I trust my team. I hope they know what they are doing.


Lucky Dodi, two ranks in one goal. What are the new ranks of the team members?

Game 6

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