Waking Nightmares

Dawn of The Old Ones Rebirth

Nyarlathotep's Gospel

!flagi’thn thoshka flang kartov ’cha’tangor negzebuh gor valefor! Vhe wheru noero voe ofnenen lahds intor enhro ghroorl’eh Bensen kebnhgiyu kghj jt jt jthy htjgu lduiu hgmjrb’gh ’jt jghfuer thgjugjjt khiuer fyth gj jght hgyt Wells hgytju jghtyudo ghhrjbu

Translated from his voice to the ears of his desciples

A fly came into my web today. I find these NEG so interesting in how they keep from temptation. Mostly I am bored turning even the highest of all men to my fold for the other gods, but these small insignificant specs in life, how they struggle. It pleases me to slowly work them and this Bensin fellow. He said no to my offer! The fear in his eyes was delicious. But no matter, I will own Wells soon enough.



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