Waking Nightmares


April 1 2085
Congratulatory note from Major Gromwell

I here by promote Dodi Ravenwood from First Lieutenant of team Cerberus to Captain for her efforts with the prototype team Cerberus. You have showed this branch that proper application of military organization can turn a team of misfits into a powerhouse strike team.
I also here by would like to inform you that the commander and chief has seen the bravery of this team and its potential. A brand new branch of forces is to be commissioned immediately. This branch will be called Dark Secrets and will be used to combat complex situations a standard squad can not account for. Part wet work, part spy, part field squad.
This leaves the job of commanding a brand new branch to someone who has no ties to current engagements and prior talent for rallying such complex personnel. I have nominated you Captain Ravenwood, and if your not too comfortable in this new position I would like to extend a rare promotion to Major. If that is you think you can handle it.
Your team is to be promoted as such as well, and troupes will be flooding in that don’t belong. You and your team are to organize them and apply them when needed. A ceremony has been prepared for your honors, as well as your teams. Again congratulations.



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