Waking Nightmares

Dawn of The Old Ones Rebirth
Nyarlathotep's Gospel

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Translated from his voice to the ears of his desciples

A fly came into my web today. I find these NEG so interesting in how they keep from temptation. Mostly I am bored turning even the highest of all men to my fold for the other gods, but these small insignificant specs in life, how they struggle. It pleases me to slowly work them and this Bensin fellow. He said no to my offer! The fear in his eyes was delicious. But no matter, I will own Wells soon enough.

Game 7
Devil's due

April 7-April 10 2085
Report from Major Dodi Ravenwood regarding team Cerberus

The team adjusted to their new roles well. I would like to apologize for Warrant Officer Johansen being unable to meet for the prestigious honor. He was greatly wounded and had to recover. It was an honor meeting with you and the Neg head commander. We wont let you down. First lieutenant Wells will be busy getting his powers toned.


April 8 Dodi’s personal log

Goddammit Ellias! How could you do this to me! To my career? I hated having to pull my UT-9 on him like that. But the test for the modified rounds was an 75% success in mortality so I felt confident. We all went out to celebrate, and Ellias did owe me. I feel the inhibitors are shorting out. I need to keep professional about this. Why cant I keep them under control so I don’t have to lie, and why cant I get him out of my head? Getting Wallace groomed to be a psychic I have chosen a real hard ass, Marks old partner to help him. Hope he survives as she was hard on the poor last two students. Which reminds me I need to get the paperwork to identify the dental records of them! What great things we will do now that the NEG has seen their potential.
Game 6
when the going gets tough......

April 1-April 7 2085
Report from Major Dodi Ravenwood regarding team Cerberus

Radio silence has been common place throughout this whole mission. Personal note is that I have hoped but trust the men to do well. They are flying more blind than usual this time. Red has gotten plenty of transmissions through and has mentioned a Gaunt, a M class threat. However there has to be more as my team can take out C classes with their weapons and talent at their disposal. There has to be more to it, but what. The team has emerged from the Winchester House 16:00 hrs April 1st. Warrant Officer Zero Informed me that there was an N class threat here on our soil. I called to you for the strike force needed to take care of it, and the NEG thanks you for it Sir. The teams report mentions they were lured into a trap set by a computer security program. They hacked it and were able to control the rooms, leading to the Gaunt’s death in the reactor room and the escape of the team. It should also be noted the gaunt was moved up to M class due to his above average abilities Fugits body has been recovered and the team tells me they know of a way to insure the dead mans will is to work with the NEG. There is however sir a complication I will make short work of. I have also spent more than my part of the budget to do so, but would like there to be another transaction with Dr.Xandon. I insure you that this will soon lead to Fugit being able to help us. Though he is dead the doctor tells me this can work. I’ll report when I know more.

Team Effecency Rating: 20

April 2 2085
Dodi Ravenwoods personal Journal

God help me I lied to my CO to protect the team! The team has been both a blessing and a curse. Their efforts have been enough to take down things they by all rights shouldn’t be able to do. I have brought Ellias into the fold to help me with them but they fit so well that they don’t need it. They did however today bring to my door step both the biggest threat to our government from the inside, and the greatest weapon. An actual self aware AI. This being has called himself Caine. Originally created to destroy and take over the security system in the Winchester House, open one of Fugets monsters loose in his house, and kill him over 10 years of some cat-and-mouse game. Now with that and almost untold knowledge we are to accept this being as a man, and as a man of good intent? What are they thinking. At least with a flesh and bone body he can be killed with a bullet. I have gone out of my way and asked my CO to sanction more work with that horrible doctor. To create a body, no two that this cane and a copy of him can be made flesh and blood? My Inhibitors have broken down and I do not know why. Whats going on with me? I would never make such a foolish decision before. I trust my team. I hope they know what they are doing.


April 1 2085
Congratulatory note from Major Gromwell

I here by promote Dodi Ravenwood from First Lieutenant of team Cerberus to Captain for her efforts with the prototype team Cerberus. You have showed this branch that proper application of military organization can turn a team of misfits into a powerhouse strike team.
I also here by would like to inform you that the commander and chief has seen the bravery of this team and its potential. A brand new branch of forces is to be commissioned immediately. This branch will be called Dark Secrets and will be used to combat complex situations a standard squad can not account for. Part wet work, part spy, part field squad.
This leaves the job of commanding a brand new branch to someone who has no ties to current engagements and prior talent for rallying such complex personnel. I have nominated you Captain Ravenwood, and if your not too comfortable in this new position I would like to extend a rare promotion to Major. If that is you think you can handle it.
Your team is to be promoted as such as well, and troupes will be flooding in that don’t belong. You and your team are to organize them and apply them when needed. A ceremony has been prepared for your honors, as well as your teams. Again congratulations.

Game 4

March 20-29 2085 Report from Second Lieutenant Dodi Ravenwood regarding team Cerberus

Now facing a possessed phantom, Cerberus was knocking at deaths door. White Fox jumped into the shadows seeming like a retreat. Silent Night and Zero sprung into action flinging grenades at the right side to blast a path to run past the creature. Mr.Fantastic was waiting outside the mine and Sleeper fought to control the parasite inside him. The Phantom burst forth with an earthshaking wail that brought them to their knees! It bound onto Silent Night and thrashed away with a set fleshy spikes in its forearm. Seeing a team member in trouble, Sleeper burst into a clever plan to help Silent Night and free a path. He worked quickly to grab and drag one of the dead bodies from the support beams and swung it like a sack of bricks upside the Phantom’s head. Surprisingly he knocked it off balance. Just then a shadowy figure laid down a barrage of attacks that when coupled with the others attacks stunned it long enough for them all to escape the cave before being taken by the explosion of orgone from the destroyed monolith. Calling Red and literately jumping on the jeep they fired at the growing Phantom to slow it down and make good their escape. Zero, wishing to see White Fox again waited till the last minute, but it was in sorrow that he accepted what could only mean her death. Back home Sleeper toiled to find a way to make the suppressed parasites work for him. The research lead him to discovery’s that could help in the future. Still for now he would have to have them surgically removed. The doctors told him that he waited too late and there was little they could do for him without the leading Nazzadi surgeon Dr.Xandon. Paid by Zero the aggressive parasites couldn’t get to Ellias’ brain before Dr.Xandon removed it! A procedure only perfected by the Migou! Another night on the town was a small reward for the team. Discovering that Mark, aka Red, was attempting to end his own life brought it to a quick close. When they asked him why, Mark explained it was hard getting too many possible futures at the same time. Their friendship would help him endure. After a quick spat with Rook, the new mission was at hand. The top arms Baron has not been heard from in ten days. His xenophobia and agoraphobia made it hard to know if he was in any kind of trouble. Alpha Team was dispatched and are currently MIA. Because of the importance and possible danger involved, Team Cerberus was called in to investigate. The team prepares to rescue him before is brother takes hold of the company, and tampers with the fate of the Aeon war.

Mission Efficiency Rating:5

Game 3
"omens and portents"

March 18-20 2085 Report from Second Lieutenant Dodi Ravenwood regarding team Cerberus

After calling in air support and Red, Team Cerberus was able to escape the hot zone set up by the cultist. Dodging sniper fire and saving the Professor from the rubble they crowded in the ambulance. The team took the P.O.W. to a information extraction area Zero alone was familiar about. There they used “creative negotiations” to attempt to extract information from her. To their surprise, she invoked the Yellow King’s true name. The place was assaulted by a one man kill team. The man who answered for the Yellow King was none other than Nyarlathotep. After killing everyone in the building except for Team Cerberus, he tells team Cerberus that he is the “Herald of the Gods” and that the Yellow King wants Zero for something special. He kills the cultist to silence her. As he turns to leave, Sleeper lunges forward and touches the man on the face. He stiffens and falls unconscious to the ground, the man then leaves. The team did manage get enough information to know that the Children of Chaos are involved in the orgone spike in EOD, Esoteric Order of Dagon, territory. The team packs up and leaves the house of slaughter to head back to base. The team waits a couple of days for Silent Night to heal up. After a spirited discussion with Commander Dodi about respect Team Cerberus gears up before heading back into the mouth of the beast. There they see corpses nailed to the support beams and curtains literally made of bodies lining the walls. They came across bodies of monsters they couldn’t identify, with the strange creatures that take over the body assimilating them. After burning them they crawled deeper into the cave to discover a large monolith converting cultist energy, causing the spike. Meanwhile outside a stealthy figure hunted Mr.fantastic, the woman would later introduce herself as ? (white fox). She mentioned her team was KIA and offered her help. After a hostile first meetings with the team she was able to convince them that she was on their side. When Team Cerberus started their advance on the monolith she helped by keeping the cultist from impeding the advance to place the satchel charge on the monolith. Team Cerberus blew up the monolith before it could do any further harm. The resulting blast came and the team ran for their lives. The only thing in their path was a creature that they had never seen before. White Fox informed them that it was called a phantom, and it was being controlled by one of the strange parasitic worms that had infected Zero!

Mission Efficiency Rating:5

Game 2
"Night on the town"

March 13-18 2085 Report from Second Lieutenant Dodi Ravenwood regarding team Cerberus

The team returns home, and after a long rest they give their report saying that grave things are in store for the future. Zero was so badly wounded by a parasitic worm they encountered that a new body had to be cloned for him to save his life. After healing and some much needed R&R, the team was called to meet their new CO, Dodi Ravenwood. Relations didn’t start off well; Mr.Fantastic as always loves to flirt. Dodi Ravenwood, having had inhibitors implanted, was not impressed and was angered by the lack of discipline in her new group. However after the dust had settled they were geared to strike into the heart of the quarry to deal with the orgone spike. The night before the mission, they celebrated at the bar “Gravity”. While there a drunk Mark shot a costumed man out in the crowd. When ask why he did such a thing, Mark gave the excuse was that his psychic powers couldn’t be turned off and he knew the stranger would be a threat. After removing the Mascot head, they saw none other than Kapera, the previous commander whom Dodi was sent to replace. Using Mark’s psychic abilities they discovering that their drinks were drugged and Kapera was to blame. Mr. Fantastic used his connections with the local law enforcement to talk their way out of the situation. The team informed Commander Dodi as to what had happened and then they went home to rest and debate why. Meanwhile Professor Kamoue, aka Silent Night, was teaching classes at UCLA where he was attacked by a member of the Children of Chaos. The student knocked him unconscious, she then took him to a remote area to be tortured and killed. Knowing that Professor Kamoue liked playing with explosives, she set off several grenades beneath his chair. Surviving the explosion, he invoked Dodi Ravenwood’s name in hopes of getting her attention. It was all he could do to hold on to life long enough to get rescued, let alone get revenge. The team having just decided to head home for the night was called by Commander Dodi, who informed them that Silent Night was in danger and needed their help. The team quickly mounted up and moved to out to help. When the team arrived on the scene they found Silent Night amongst a destroyed building and under heavy sniper fire from an unknown assailant. Agent Wells called in for backup and a medical team, the Child of Chaos was no where to be found. Mr.Fantastic, upset about having to leave a party and use his time off for work related issues was hanging back behind the group when he noticed a elderly woman acting strange, trusting in his gut feelings Mr. Fantastic moved up by the woman and struck her in the back of the head knocking her unconscious. Mr. Fantastic dragged the woman into a ally way and cuffed her to prevent her escape. He informed the rest of the team that he had apprehended the suspect.

Mission Efficiency Rating:5


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